Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Last night, Nate had us all over for dinner to say goodbye to Tory and Katie who are moving to Birmingham next week. We all contributed a little something and it made for one delicious meal.
Nate: Steak, rolls, and asparagus
Elisha- Mashed potatoes (amazing)
Me: Greek salad
Katie made a banana pudding, but I was way to busy stuffing my face with it to take a picture.

so I'm not the best at candid shots... 

The girls.
There was one point in the night we noticed the girls were talking SEC football while the guys were chatting about sightseeing in Utah... kinda seems like that should have been the other way around, but when sitting with 2 Bama fans, obviously football will come up! 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful hump day!


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