Thursday, March 21, 2013

St pattys day

Here are some pics from St. Pattys day!

Saturday Chris, Kelli, and I headed into Seattle to watch the parade. We scored amazing bar seats at YardHouse along the parade route, so we stopped in for a quick drink. Once the parade started, chris styaed to hold our seats while Kelli and I went out to watch. Since you cant have bring your drinks outside, we only watched for a few minutes before deciding to just watch from the window at the bar

Once the parade was over, we headed to Kelly's pub for lunch and Irish car bombs... duh

Afterwards, we headed to the Seattle Sounders game. I honestly had never really thought much about major league soccer, but it is HUGE here. The games are surprisingly a TON of fun!

We ended the night at Doyles Public House, not to far from out apt.  All in all... it was a sucessful St. Pattys day!!! 


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